A Convenient and Healthy breakfast alternative.


Our Super Smoothies are available in four yummy flavors.

Use our smoothies as a healthy base & add things that enhance your life & your smoothies. Enjoy life. Live well.

Berry Smoothies


Tastes like freshly picked berries with a hint of creamy banana

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Cacao Smoothies


Cacao tastes like a guilt-free, rich & velvety chocolate milkshake

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Green Smoothies


Green tastes like a bright and tangy avocado salad

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Clementine Smoothies


Clementine tastes like an orange creamsicle with a ginger boost

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How SmoothieBox Works

"My wife and I are regular smoothie drinkers, both for meal replacement and as an occasional sweet treat. We are constantly buying fruit and veg that either doesn't last in our refrigerator or gets freezer burn. SmoothieBox has made our life super easy, it's ready made right to our door. Moreover, because we are both cost conscious, we did the math and it is saving us a ton of cash. Huge fan of the product!"


SmoothieBox Member since 2019

"The ingredients are amazing, the flavors are delicious and the calories are low! Perfect for my weight loss journey. Making the smoothies is super convenient plus I know I'm putting something healthy in my body! It's a little costly but you pay for the convenience and amazing ingredients. Definitely worth every penny!"


SmoothieBox Member since 2019

"I recently started taking a Krav Maga class twice a week in the evenings. I found that my intermittent fasting regiment just wasn’t cutting it. I’ve been having a smoothie in the early afternoon and it gives me plenty of energy through my class and tides me over till my late dinner. I add lots of healthy fats to Cacao along with some extra fruits and maybe a bit of instant coffee for a nice energy boost as well. I feel really good giving my body such high quality fuel."


Member since 2018

"SmoothieBox is a great way to refresh and refuel after morning yoga!"


SmoothieBox Member since 2019

"Easy, delicious, healthy meal! Especially love the Clementine. It tastes like creamsicle."


Member since 2019

"This product is so convenient and it is organic. don't have time to go shop for all these ingredients. This product keeps me on track for a healthy diet. I really enjoy them for the good taste also!"


I am a Nurse, a Mom, and an enthusiastic real foodie — turned blogger!

Berry Smoothies

The SmoothieBox Story

We believe that smoothies, like a lot of other things, have been hijacked by the sugar industry. Our smoothie delivery service offers 100% free shipping and delivery conveniently right to your door. Our smoothies are made with thoughtfully-sourced ingredients and free from additives.

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