Eat healthier with the help of our Super Smoothie Bases.

Each box comes with 20 Super Smoothie Base Pouches and 4 Flavors.   Cacao, Green, Clementine and Berry.  Under $2.50 per serving  

FREE delivery directly to your doorstep in a 100% recyclable cooler.  

Add 8-14oz of your favorite liquid, add-ins, blend and enjoy! Split it with a family member or keep it all to yourself.   Perfect as your breakfast on the go or kids afternoon snack.  


Join others who also enjoy life enriching food.

Sometimes if I don't have enough time, I will go to work and eat at TacoBell, but with SmoothieBox, it now takes me less time to make my smoothies than it does to stop at TacoBell. Now I eat a healthier meal than usual AND save time and money by not eating out.

I add greens and some MCT oil powder and they are sustaining for everyone. I am actually saving money because I’m not throwing away produce that spoils.

I initially bought SmoothieBox to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet to help me reach my goal of living a healthy life. I was surprised to find that I started to lose weight slowly. I feel happy that I’ve found a food routine that is easy for me-- I don’t feel like I am on a diet. I still eat dessert every night.

The reason I choose SmoothieBox every morning is I love knowing I'm starting each day on a healthy note and it sets the tone for the rest of the day.   The organic fruits and vegetables paired with the collagen protein not only satiate me throughout my very busy mornings but I just feel so much better overall than when eating a conventional breakfast.   Plus they are convenient and take only minutes as I'm rushing out the door!   I'll never change my breakfast routine again.

SmoothieBox is the answer to my breakfast and quick snack woes!    3 minutes, just dump the bag of whole fabulous ingredients, add my favorite milk or cold brew [coffee] and BLEND!   I can get on with my day, feeling charged and armed with great nutrients.