About Smoothie Box

About SmoothieBox

We believe that smoothies, like alot of other things, have been hijacked by the sugar industry. Our Super Smoothies smoothie subscription service offers 100% FREE SHIPPING as a smoothie delivery service right to your door. Our smoothies are made with thoughtfully-sourced ingredients and free from additives or artificial sweeteners.


Wicked easy!

SmoothieBox is wicked easy! Choose your flavors and we'll deliver our freezer-friendly pouches right to your door. Then just Pour, Blend and Enjoy!

  • Delivered to your door
  • No prep
  • No mess
  • No wasted produce
  • Save time
  • Save money

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Healthy Smoothie Tips

Our smoothie mixes are made with fruits and veg that are flash frozen at the peak of freshness for maximum nutrition!

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Delivered straight to your door, pre-portioned and ready to blend, you'll be on your way with a nutritious Smoothie in minutes.

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