boost immune system

4 Ways to Boost Your Immune System With a Smoothie

boost immune system
Noses are running, you hear the guy two cubicles down coughing, and just yesterday in the local town Facebook group someone asked "is there a virus going around? Sally has been sick all night."

It's that time of year. 

It's no secret that winter brings about germs, especially when you're stuck in confined spaces more than you were in summer.

Don't get discouraged, though.

We've got a few ways drinking a smoothie can aid your immune system, so you can save your PTO days for something better than visiting a doctor.

Add some immune boosting ingredients to your shopping list.

Our smoothies are packed with nutritious fruits, vegetables and seeds, but adding a few extra ingredients can boost the benefits greatly.

Did you know one ounce of guava nectar has 107% of your daily recommended value of Vitamin C?

guava nectar
Take your daily recommended vitamin quota. 

This one might be a no-brainer, but if you aren't in the habit of taking daily vitamins we've got the perfect solution for you.

Rootine Vitamins are the perfect enhancement to your smoothie routine.

These microbead vitamins are personalized to your DNA to ensure you're getting the most of the nutrients your body needs, and less of the ones you don't in the perfect dosage tailored to your DNA makeup.

They make the perfect topping to a smoothie bowl or mix nicely into a blended smoothie. 

Right now, Rootine is offering SmoothieBox blog readers 20% off the first month of vitamins so you can start a new daily vitamin regimen. 

Have one smoothie a day. 

Replacing one meal a day with a smoothie will give you at least one full serving of fruits and vegetables.

Your body depends on nutrient rich foods to stay healthy, so get in the habit of having one smoothie each day and you'll start to feel the benefits in no time.

Blend your smoothie with a probiotic. 

Maintaining your gut health is just as important as loading up on fruits and veggies or vitamins.

We added it to our grocery list above, but we thought yogurt deserved an extra mention.

Find a yogurt with live and active cultures, like Activia, or use Greek yogurt.

Check out our Vitamin C Boost Green Smoothie recipe for a quick and easy way to boost your immune system.


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