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4 tips to build a better smoothie bowl

build smoothie bowl
One of my favorite ways to enjoy my SmoothieBox smoothies is with a smoothie bowl.

I love trying new toppings and mixing different flavors and textures to make the perfect smoothie bowl.

Smoothie bowls are a great way to change things up, so check out the tips below and get started on your smoothie bowl.

Don't make your smoothie too thin. 

The key to a really good smoothie bowl is to use less liquid than you normally would when making your regular smoothie.

You want to be able to enjoy your smoothie bowl with a spoon, so you want a thicker consistency than usual. 
Pro tip: Add a frozen banana to thicken your smoothie up a bit.

Use a creamy liquid to blend. 
My favorite milk to use when making a smoothie bowl is cashew milk.
Cashew milk tends to be a little bit thicker than almond milk, making it the perfect liquid for a creamy smoothie bowl.

Add some protein. 
Adding some protein will help you feel fuller longer, making your smoothie bowl the perfect meal.
Add some of our grass-fed collagen peptides to your SmoothieBox subscription for a quick and easy boost to your smoothie bowl.

Toppings, toppings, and more toppings. 
Toppings are what really make your smoothie bowl fun.
As a kid, who didn't love going to the ice cream shop and making the biggest sundae you possibly could?
Think of your smoothie bowl as a grown up sundae.
Some of the best toppings to really make your smoothie bowl pop: muesli (I love Seven Sundays!), coconut chips, cacao nibs, fresh fruits (berries, banana slices, kiwi, pineapple), chia seeds, chopped cashews or peanuts, or a fun nut butter drizzle.

Do you enjoy a good smoothie bowl?
Drop a comment and let us know your favorite combinations!
And if you are looking for inspiring smoothie recipes
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