Did you know SmoothieBox has a referral program? As a SmoothieBox member, if you tell others about how much you love getting amazing frozen smoothies delivered to your door each month, you could earn referral credits towards your next box.

And who doesn’t love saving money!

Earning rewards is simple. Simply visit your account page and login (Click here to login). Once logged in, click the ‘Refer Friend’ tab under “My Plan”:

From there, you’ll be directed to your personal referral page. Simply enter a friend’s email address and hit send! It’s that simple!

With each successful friend referral, you’ll receive a $20 account credit once your friend’s order ships. Not only will you be rewarded, but your friends will be too! They will also receive $20 off their first order of SmoothieBox, too. It’s a win/win. They just need to use the code FRIEND20 at checkout — which is all outlined in the email they receive from your referral page.

Make sure your friends or family members use the link from your referral email when they place their order. Otherwise, you won’t get the credits you truly deserve!

Not to get too deep into the weeds here, but the link in the email that gets sent to your friend is tracked back to you, automatically tipping off our system that it’s time to give you some money off your next SmoothieBox. 

Don’t be afraid to talk and pump up SmoothieBox to your friends IRL (our younger team members begged us not to type out “in real life” here). We can’t stop talking to our friends about how much we love SmoothieBox and thought that if our members were doing the same, we should reward them with some free smoothies!

Happy sharing!