Corie, a wife, mother, and lover of golf and pickleball 

“I initially bought SmoothieBox to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet to help me reach my goal of living a healthy life. When I started drinking SmoothieBox, I was surprised to find that I started to lose weight slowly. I have a Super Smoothie at least 5x a week. Not only does it keep me full, it also keeps me regular. I’ve lost 10 pounds and I owe it all to SmoothieBox. I feel happy that I’ve found a food routine that is easy for me– I don’t feel like I am on a diet. I still eat dessert every night. I am simply eating balanced and I haven’t been in this place of sustainable eating in a really long time.” 

Andrew, Logistics Account Executive, father of 2, bourbon collector, sarcasm enthusiast

“I love knowing I’m starting each day on a healthy note and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. When I have a SmoothieBox I feel so much better overall than when eating a conventional breakfast. They are simple, convenient, and take only minutes as I am rushing out the door. I’ll never change my breakfast routine again!”

Kendada, Homeschooling mother of 9, world traveler, and coffee aficionado

“Price seemed steep at first. But after a few months i think I am actually saving money because I’m not throwing away produce that spoils.”

Susan, Entrepreneur of Dynamic Neurofeedback, wife, mother, grandmother, and lover of life

“Sometimes if I don’t have enough time, I will go to work and eat at TacoBell, but with SmoothieBox, it now takes me less time to make my smoothies than it does to stop at TacoBell. Now I eat a healthier meal than usual AND save time and money by not eating out.”

Carolyn, a 53 year old 2nd grade teacher who enjoys weekend hikes with her husband

“After having the smoothies for 3 months and 5 days a week, my skin has shown significant improvements. My colleagues tell me my skin appears to be glowing!”