You spoke, we listened. At SmoothieBox, we take our member feedback seriously. And after shipping thousands of smoothies over the past seven months, we’ve received a lot of feedback from our members. Here are a few things you’ve told us about your Super Smoothie experiences:
  • You love SmoothieBox because it’s a convenient way to get more organic fruits AND veggies into your diet
  • You like that our smoothies are not too sweet.
  • You’ve been experiencing some exciting health benefits from eating real food.
  • There are some polarizing flavors — such as ginger. People either LOVE or HATE ginger.
  • Many of you are glad that there are not 20 different smoothie flavors to choose from. But just as many SmoothieBox fans expressed hopes that we’d try a few more additional flavors.
We’ve taken suggestions and we are proud to announce a new smoothie flavor.

By far, the most common flavor asked for was for a berry-related smoothie, and so, we are excited to announce the launch of Berry Super Smoothie!

Because it tastes so great, the Berry Super Smoothie is made for everyone — your kids and even that picky eater in your house will love it. In addition to the great taste, we worked hard to maintain the same values we built our Super Smoothie philosophy on: Balanced macronutrients, organic vegetables, and no added sugar. This smoothie has a dose of vegetables to help you start the day or recover from a workout, including cauliflower, sweet potato, and beet. The Berry Super Smoothie also includes hemp seed — a source of healthy fat and protein — as well as at least 20g of protein. 

The Berry Super Smoothie has a fresh-picked berry taste with the veggies you’d never expect in such a delicious smoothie.

Want to try it out? Add a box of Berry Super Smoothie to your next box or sign-up at smoothiebox.com.

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