Clementine Smoothie


Crisp and refreshing, like a summer day
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Clementine Flavor


Tastes like:

An orange creamsicle with a ginger boost


Mandarins, Carrots*, Pumpkin Seeds* and Smoothie Chips**

Nutrition highlights:

Vitamin C, Vitamin A

Blend with:

Almond Milk, Water, Coconut Water or Yogurt

* Organic

* Sweet Potato Puree* (100% Sweet Potato, no additives), Ginger*, Coconut Water*, Dates*, Coconut Cream* Lemon Juice*

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Clementine SmoothieChips

What is a Smoothie Chip?

Our Super Smoothie Chips are our way of fine tuning the flavor and nutrient profile of our smoothies.

Sweet Potato Puree

100% Sweet Potato, no additives


Organic ginger


Organic dates

Lemon Juice

Water, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Lemon Oil

Coconut Water

100% Organic Coconut Water, no additives

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