*Available in 3 refreshing flavors: Clementine, Cacao, Green

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A Convenient & Healthy Breakfast Alternative

How it works

Select your smoothies

Select your Smoothies

Each box comes with 20 frozen, ready-to-blend smoothie pouches and 20 packets of collagen protein. Choose from 3 refreshing flavors.

Select your smoothies

Set your Schedule

Choose from 30 or 60 days, delivered frozen to your door - for free! Change your frequency or smoothie selection, pause, or cancel at any time.

Ready in Minutes

Ready in Minutes

Simply blend the contents of the smoothie pouch + collagen packet with 8 oz liquid. We love almond and coconut milk, but all our smoothies taste great with water.

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Soy Free

No Added Sugar

Why we love Collagen

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I use collagen every day because there are so many benefits to added collagen in a person’s diet. Not only does it enhance your skin, hair and nails, but it also helps balance your hormones, aids in digestion, and supports bone and joint health.

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-Juli Bauer

Pale OMG

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After an injury years ago, I began researching collagen. In addition to aiding recovery, I learned how vital it is for fitness performance and joint mobility as well as for healthy aging and skin elasticity.

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-Mark Sisson

Mark’s Daily Apple

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