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First Smoothiebox made me a believer!

I had gone back and forth about using Smoothiebox for a while. Did they taste good? Was the price worth it? How does it ship. My wife and I started following the Paleo lifestyle and were looking for a breakfast replacement that was healthy and easy. We decided to try Smoothiebox and are very happy we did. Shipping is pretty quick and the product arrived fairly cold even though we're in a rural area. The best part is that the ingredients are top-notch, the convenience is great and the flavors are awesome! The smoothies are filling and work great as a meal replacement keeping me satisfied until lunch. We plan to continue with Smoothiebox as it fits our lifestyle and is delicious!

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Early Smoothie adopter, happier with each delivery

I've been a SmoothieBox subscriber for a couple of years now, and I continue to find them delicious, convenient, and very helpful to my desire to eat healthfully. I use the Smoothies as a meal replacement at night -- when it's late and I don't want to eat heavy -- or in the morning. I keep them in the freezer at work so I can always have a nourishing lunch. And of course they're great for breakfast!

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Best Breakfast

My husband and I both love all of the flavors. So nice to have a variety of yummy flavors that are all good for you.

Jen A. Recommends this product
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All this health... in one box...


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