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We believe that smoothies, like so many other foods, have been hijacked by the sugar industry. As a result we've created clean, whole food, smoothie bases that fill you for hours but take minutes to prepare.

Join our community of Smooth Operators dedicated to eating cleaner, staying fuller, sharing their favorite recipes, loving on their families and caring for themselves as well.

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Great Product!

Reviewed by Nate H.


Smoothies are delicious, nutrious and quick to make!

Incredibly Delicious!

Reviewed by Deborah B.


The berry smoothie is delish!! I do add a few of the suggested ingredients that brings it to a whole new level of greatness! I am pretty sure the Berry is my favorite! highly recommend that you should try them all see what is your favorite?

Curve the appetite

Reviewed by Melissa P.


I buy these for my husband who doesn't always eat a balance breakfast or fruit in general. These are a great way for me to get the right veggies and fruits into him with no fuss. It also sustains him til lunch time.

Spread the Word, They Are Great

Reviewed by Catherine


I've only tasted one flavor so far, the mandarin ginger and i'm craving them every day now. I just bought a new and improved smoothie blender because I'm going to keep wanting them.