5 Smoothies in 7 days

How easy can we make adding more fruits,veggies and seeds to your diet in 2020?
Super easy!

Don't believe us, take our Challenge.

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What can I expect if I sign up?

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    You'll receive great recipes on how to personalize your smoothies

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    You'll receive a 1 minute daily health tip video from our friends at Journey Fitness Center

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    You can sign up for daily reminder text messages to help remind you and form a good habit

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    You'll receive exclusive content from other great companies also health focused in 2020

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    Order a box and receive 20 smoothies from SmoothieBox to kick off the challenge

Has your health improved since drinking SmoothieBox?

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    It provides a quick, healthy meal for me when I'm in hurry. — Caree (third box)

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    I feel good when I drink them. — Angela (Third box)

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    I just finished my first box and have lost a little weight already from just eating healthier and a lower calorie breakfast. — Dixie (first box)

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    Yes, I feel much better and weight loss. — Bruce (5+ boxes)

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    Yes!, it gives me energy in the morning for my walk on my treadmill every morning. — Jim (second box)

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    I have more energy and have lost 3 lbs. — Tiffany(First box)

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    When I start my day better with a smoothie, I continue to eat better throughout the day. — Amanda (second box)

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    My morning routine is easier. — Lea Ann(8+boxes)

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To help ensure your success with the challenge

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    Drink a smoothie per day (or at least try to)

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    Check in with the private FB group

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    Post weekly in the FB group

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    Share your progress in the challenge via social posts using #sbchallenge

Why are we doing this for free?

We believe the SmoothieBox community is a collective of life - minded people concern about what they are putting in their bodies, improving their health, and developing good daily habits.

Why? Because a vital part of our mission is to help our members build healthy habit- consistency is the key to developing routines that last.