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Dearest All: I freeze my Smoothie Packages; it's so refreshing eating it right out of the bag, after a hot day or exercising. Sometimes, I blend my Smoothie, add my Protein powder, nuts, cheia/ flax seeds; small baby spoon inside the mixture, and freeze it; there's my popcicle! You can't go wrong with Smoothie Box and cost is reasonable; won't break the bank. Also, you know exactly what you are getting. It assists in your weight goals and your health wellness, overall.. I give this product an AAAAAAA+++++++! It's the BOMB!!!

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started buying Smoothie Box because we love smoothies' The prepackaged ingredients make it so much easier bought them mainly for my daughter to have a fast nutritious breakfast college She is on the track team. living in the dorms, Sometimes the cafeteria food isn't all that great 1 worried about her diet so decided to try smoothies so she would be able to her day right Now m; year son is taking a bigger interest in his nutrition and has gotten hooked on the smoothies! both Of them are waiting for the new flavor In April!!

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Great Quick Meal

I blend my smoothies with almond milk and add a little honey. It is the perfect quick meal. I love mine for breakfast. It makes me feel good about starting my day with a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables, I often add a handful of spinach too just to boost the nutritional value.

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