Earn SmoothieBucks with every smoothie.

The more you earn, the more you save on future SmoothieBox purchases.

We’ve added lots of ways to earn:


Sip a smoothie

Earn 3 SmoothieBucks for every $1 you spend.


Follow us

Earn 100 SmoothieBucks by following us on social media.


Celebrate your birthday

Earn 500 SmoothieBucks every birthday.


Refer a friend

Earn 1000 every time you refer someone.

Share a smoothie


Share a smoothie

Share smoothies with friends and we’ll give them $10 off. PLUS we’ll give you 1000 SmoothieBucks when your friend makes their purchase.

smoothiebucks-refer-a-friend OR

Invite a friend

Invite your friends and family to enjoy SmoothieBox. If they make a purchase you earn 1000 SmoothieBucks.

500 SmoothieBucks
$5 off coupon
1000 SmoothieBucks
$10 off coupon
1500 SmoothieBucks
$15 off coupon
2000 SmoothieBucks
$20 off coupon
3000 SmoothieBucks
$30 off coupon


Join thousands of others and start your day with a breakfast you can feel good about.

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Become the Ultimate Smoothie Sipper

Our Smoothies give you ultimate health benefits (hello clearer skin, more energy, and healthy gut!), and so does becoming an Ultimate Smoothie Sipper. The more you sip and earn the more you get rewarded.

SmoothieBucks Benefits

SmoothieBucks FAQ

We’ve got you covered. Below are answers to the most common questions.

We created SmoothieBucks to reward members for making a healthier smoothie decision. Rather than give you a simple discount on your first purchase, we wanted to reward you with even more discounts throughout your smoothie journey.

Yes, if there is no activity in your SmoothieBucks account, your Bucks will expire 1 year from your last purchase. Each order you place, extends the expiration date of your SmoothieBucks.

No, they don’t have to join SmoothieBucks. Once your friend or family member places their first SmoothieBox order, you’ll automatically receive 1000 SmoothieBucks in your account. These are equivalent to a $10 coupon, so cash it in right then to save on your next SmoothieBox, or save it for deeper discounts as you earn more SmoothieBucks.

1\ Login to your account ( 2\ Once you’ve logged in you should see your account page. 3\ In the lower left corner, you’ll see SmoothieBucks Rewards. 4\ Click the SmoothieBucks Rewards panel and scroll to ‘refer your friends’. 5\ Click one of the buttons: Facebook, Twitter, or email to send your referral link to friends and family. You can also copy and paste your referral link as well.

1\ Login to your account. 2\ Once you’ve logged in you should see your account page. 3\ In the lower left corner, you’ll see SmoothieBucks Rewards. 4\ Click the SmoothieBucks Rewards panel and click ‘Ways to redeem. 5\ ’Select ‘View’ for any rewards you’re eligible for. 6\ More details will populate, and once you’ve decided which reward to redeem, click ‘Redeem’ to receive your rewards code. 7\ Once you have your code, simply paste the code into the discounts section of your account page. The amount will be deducted from your next SmoothieBox order.

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