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Our smoothie delivery service is a convenient way to get nutritious and delicious, pre-packed frozen smoothies.
Our members share how SmoothieBox makes it easy to get a nutritious balance of organic fruits, vegetables, and seeds into your diet. Our smoothie ingredients are chosen by chefs and approved by nutritionists for maximum benefit.

Smoothie Mixes Delivered

When you order smoothies from the SmoothieBox smoothie company, you join a community committed to bringing you pre-made smoothies that include a nutritious balance of smoothie ingredients: organic fruits, vegetables, and seeds for maximum health benefits.

Fruits & Veggies

Organic Fruits & Vegetables

We use the highest quality, organic smoothie ingredients available and freeze them at the peak of freshness, ready for you to enjoy.

Healthy Eating All Boxed Up

 Enjoy an affordable smoothie. Frozen pre-packaged smoothies come in convenient pouches that can easily fit in any size freezer.

Flexible Smoothie Delivery

Forever FREE shipping. Cancel or edit your frozen smoothie delivery anytime. Our smoothie packs are high in nutrients, low on hassle. 

What's in your SmoothieBox?

Every smoothie order contains the best ORGANIC smoothie ingredients. Each smoothie kit is flash-frozen to lock in peak nutrients.

SmoothieBox Contents:

  • 20 x pre-made frozen smoothie packs - Each pack makes 2 smoothies!
  • Choose from a range of smoothie boosters, such as protein and collagen.
SmoothieBox Contents

SmoothieBox Smoothie Flavors

SmoothieBox frozen smoothie mixes are available in five delicious flavors! Our pre-made frozen smoothies are a nutritionally balanced blend of organic fruits, vegetables, and seeds for the perfect meal.


Berry Smoothies

INGREDIENTS: The perfect smoothie blend of strawberries and wild blueberries to give you a natural energy boost each day.


Cacao Smoothies

INGREDIENTS: Cacao supports gut health with nourishing fruits and vegetables like kale, bananas, and zucchini.


Green Smoothies

INGREDIENTS: Support your immune system with delicious ingredients like pineapple, spinach, and avocado.


Clementine Smoothies

INGREDIENTS: Reduce inflammation post-workout with ingredients like mandarins, ginger and carrots.


Strawberry Banana Smoothies

INGREDIENTS: Packed with bananas, strawberries, and beets filled with antioxidants for glowing skin and heart health.

Why choose the SmoothieBox smoothie company?

We are a smoothie company committed to bringing you nutritious pre-made smoothies. Our smoothie packages, frozen at the peak of freshness, are a delicious balance of organic fruits, vegetables, and seeds for maximum health benefits.

Pre-Workout Smoothies

Easy and convenient

  • Smoothie delivery to your door
  • No prep, mess or waste
  • Save time & money

So yummy!

  • Crafted by chefs
  • Approved by nutritionists
  • Awesome taste

Super healthy

  • Maximum nutrition
  • Gluten and dairy-free
  • Vegan friendly

Feel the benefits

  • Increased energy
  • Improved skin
  • Natural, sustainable weight loss

Great smoothies!
I have tried to make my own smoothies healthy, but everything would go bad before I could finish it. SmoothieBox has all the smoothie ingredients I need without the hassle.

Aimee F.

The Smoothies are Superlative!
SmoothieBox smoothie blends are absolutely delicious; the customer service is excellent, and the recipes are totally yummy.

Julie D.

Super easy and delicious!
SmoothieBox has given me back the time I used to spend prepping - they include excellent ingredients I would never source for myself. Plus, the flavors are delicious.

Karla F.

Ready to build your SmoothieBox?


Step 1.

You choose from five tasty pre-made smoothie flavors and our range of macro-balanced smoothie boosters.  Select your perfect smoothie packs. Mix and match your favorite flavors.


Step 2.

We pick, peel, and prepare your smoothie ingredients. Our nutritious smoothies are then packed and delivered straight to your door. Delivery is always FREE.


Step 3.

When your ready-to-blend smoothies arrive, just pour and blend your favorite smoothie flavor. Delicious smoothies made easy. Enjoy your fresh smoothie!